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Last year COVID-19 hit us differently, this virus change every people's lives and as this pandemic continues we can't change the fact that losing someone is very hard and having this pandemic makes it even harder. Since we can't go out and go to funeral homes or funeral services here at we will help you choose sympathy flowers and send it to your designated address in behalf. You can’t underestimate the power of flowers to cheer people up. Here are the Top Five (5) funeral flower arrangement that we recommend:


1. FP-S60 (Funeral Flower Standee, Standing Arrangement of Mums) priced at 3,500

fp s60 new min


2. Funeral Flower Standee, Standing Arrangement of White Anthuriums, Mums and Tuberoses (FP-S25) priced at 4,000

fp s25 copy




3.Funeral Flower Standee, Standing Arrangement of Assorted Colored Mums (FP-S49) priced at 4,000

fp s49 copy


4. Funeral Flower Standee, Standing Arrangement of Mums and White Anthuriums (FP-S20) priced at 4,000

fp s20 new min





5. Funeral Flower Standee, Standing Arrangement of Lisianthus, Gerberas, Carnations and Mums (FP-S90) priced at 8,700

fp s90